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Matas Nagelė

Matas is a true architectural artist. Having extensive experience as an architect, visualizer, functional supervisor and trainer in technology, and he has received recognition in a number of architecture firms.

He is the CEO of 3DMStudio since its establishment, grew the company from scratch to its current 14 professionals, while being active as senior 3D artist as well. His interests cover experimental architecture and interior design.

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Ona Jaugėlaitė

After graduating from Kaunas University of Technology with an architecture degree, Ona has spent a couple of years working for an architecture studio, acquiring profound knowledge in the field of architecture design and still kept on studying for a masters degree.

As of today, she hones her skills in interior design, 3D modelling and visualization. Ona is being very passionate about gaining new experience and knowledge from participating in the team’s work.

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Paulius Šermukšnis

Besides receiving his degree in architecture, Paulius’ other main focus is 3D visualization.He gained experience as an assistant architect working on various projects, from still images to short movies. In his free time, he likes to do sports and hiking in the nature.

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Marius Stravinskas

Marius, as most people who start working in 3D on their own, felt it was time to take a step further into the field, thus he moved to Kaunas to join the 3DMStudio team. Hobbies include freestyle running and anything with four wheels and a gas pedal.

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Matas Miliauskas

Before graduating he started working as an architectural visualizer since it was a perfect combination of architecture and and his other passion: photography. He joined 3DMStudio to be able to develop his skills further and to experiment with the latest trends and technologies that will define the industry in the future.

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Arnas Vilčinskas

Arnas got his degree at the Kaunas College. Right from the beginning he has been interested in photorealism, and he became acquainted with 3D graphics around his final year at college.

Nowadays Arnas’ main goal is to improve his visualization skills, and 3DMStudio is a great place to do so. In his spare time he likes to do any kind of sports and keeps himself up to date on new softwares and features.

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Lukas Nagelė

An experienced multimedia artist, Lukas worked as a freelance audio and visual producer for Lithuanian bands, while undertaking various commercial projects as a cinematograph and professional photographer.

Coming from the world of visuals, music and sound, he joined 3DMStudio to take care of the audio and animation production side. In his free time, he likes to play various instruments and is fond of swimming.

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During her studies, she was working as an interior designer, which helped her realize that 3D graphics is the most important tool for her in architecture, through which one can make their imagination come true.

In her free time, she designs and sews clothes, plays table soccer, and reads books. She strongly believes, that „design” can be a lifestyle.

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