Our Services

What We Do

Through our expertise in architecture and design we work with clients in a variety of markets: corporate workplace, retail, education and other specialized areas.


Our portfolio of experience is global in scale and extensive, creating design solutions and master plans for clients of all types around the world.


A group of professional architects and interior designers working in the studio offers all the services of the interior. The idea, the concept, and the fully implemented project – convenient for everything is in one hand. The studio architects travel through and follow the latest trends of the interior design. They are well defined on the most fashionable furniture, tile factories and foreign studios of interior designers. It is highly valuable experience.


The studio offers to its customers the package of all services. The interior project is the concept of internal space, visual reflection of the space. Designers not only design lighting and select wall colours, but also envisage the layout of furniture, select coverings for the floor and walls, chose lighting fixtures and consider the smallest details of the interior. This is the mutual work of the customer and the interior designer, a real work of art.


We have a sound reputation in construction consulting, management and design solutions.


Name recognition certainly is important, but more than that is the personal relationship & personal involvement that we provide. We work hard to have great working relationships with our clients, contractors, building officials and consultants. Most of our work comes to us word-of-mouth, so that reputation is very important.

We practice architecture. Even with years of experience, we are still learning and improving how we work and how we design buildings. An attitude of constant learning makes what we do more enjoyable. In other words, we don’t settle for “that’s how we’ve always done it”.

Scalable studio. We can handle projects of various sizes and can add to our team if we need to for a more complex building type. This flexibility ensures the highest level of personal involvement on every project that we work on.

Solving problems. What does this mean? Our clients come to us with a variety of needs, both simple and complex. We find enjoyment in the variety of design challenges that our clients bring to us. We use design to remove barriers & create solutions for our clients.


A creative manufacturer specialized in high-end architectural visualization.

3DMStudio is an experienced, dynamic and forward thinking 3D Studio. We deliver high quality and accurate 3D solutions across a range of 3D departments. We are a talented and coordinated team of skilled individuals consisting of architects, engineers, BIM experts, 3D artists and post production designers.

Our ultimate goal is to put architecture on display in an atmosphere that best communicates the identity of the building and in a picturesque style that draws upon classical cinematography.

Given the most advanced machinery and a diverse know-how, 3DMStudio is able to deliver market-leader architectural visualization solutions worldwide.